This is to remember that number of winnings in the Random Runner slot machine depends only on the player. Special strategies have to be adopted for winning the chances of winning. Practice and knowledge acquired by the player may be helpful to get the chances of winning. The player may adopt the Super Meter mode and may get the chances of winning more than the basic mode.

If the player is sure about winning during the play of Random Runner , he can use the hold option and get the bonus. In the main game, the number of coin in the bet is 1 coin. So, in the control point, the selection of 1 coin should be done. In the Super –Meter mode, the selection for bet should be of 5 coins. There is no bet rate in the slot, that they can increase the chances of winning.
During the playing of Random Runner, the player has to ensure the balance in his account. He should not play further when the balance in no more one third of the total deposit. If he drops down in the bet, he will lose the one third of the deposit. It is better not to play anymore .You can raise the bankroll by 30 %, and then you should do it after thinking properly. Otherwise, you can accept a short break and can withdraw the winnings.
The player should think about the number of bets and the time required for bets. In this way, he can estimate the number of bets .You can take at least 200 -300 bets. The number of chances you accept, the more chances may come for winnings. The account should be maintained in such way that the player had minimum number of losses and should achieve maximum number of gains.