Betting had got popular by the growing online websites which made betting process easy and comfortable to the user.Tangkas338 games are supported by browsers like opera, chrome, Mozilla, safari, and even played on windows, Mac, ipad or iphone. Fielding the ball is the game which became popular among the casino games mostly in Indonesia. The play is of three steps:

 Fill the coin which is displayed.
 Start playing the game with bonus added.
 Attractive Winnings of the player.
Fill coin which allows the player to select the coins, in coining button and enter the number of coins played. In the second step that is start playing the player must select the bet button from the menu and click the image on the card, so that there will be a issue of two cards from the total of seven cards. Deal button is to open all the cards at once. In tangkasnet there are games with 54 cards where 52 are regular cards and 2 are jokers. Joker card can be replaced with the card best combinations. The player can select the 5 cards out of seven and ignore the remaining. If the player identifies the winning card set he can click the collect button. While playing the game the player can see four options, coin in, coin out, change and exit. If the user is supposed to click the coin out button, the box appears where it consists of submit and cancel buttons to choose with. If he confirms with submit, the transaction of the betting amount proceeds. In the third step, process of transaction follows after the player exit the game. Fielding the ball free download is available, so that players can easily install the casino games and start betting from their own mobile phone with less charge. This feature made this website the top one for betting games.
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