When a person has a business, they will always want to make it bigger or better to provide better service and equally for their benefit, so expanding that business to the web is an important step that will bear fruit sooner than anyone could imagine, making the products and/or services can have more reach and reach more potential customers. Therefore, Presta Shop is the best option for you.

Our company is responsible for providing a space that you can modify to your preference to show your merchandise. In a few words, a virtual store created especially for you. Our page has a public code that you can modify to be able to choose the functions that you prefer for your type of online store.
The Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder is backed by a large number of awards that made it considered the best business application in the market. Some of them can be named the People’s CMS Awards 2014 for the Best eCommerce Solution for SMB and the Best eCommerce Solution for Enterprise, making this company a reliable place to place your online store.
Within all the benefits offered by this web page, we can highlight one of the latest additions, which is the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder Module. When making a purchase, the person who is doing it can be distracted and leave the purchase halfway. This function is designed to notify the customer that he left the purchase unfinished so that he returns to the page to finish it or return the items to where they belonged. The Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder Module works by sending messages via email, pop-up windows, among others, in order to capture the customer’s attention and return it to the store.
Prestashop provides ease to sellers and buyers to develop sales without any danger. A web page designed for the exchange of merchandise.