The gaming industry is one of the largest there is, we talk about millions of dollars and that is why it attracts thousands and thousands of people every day. According to experts, by 2020 it could reach a value of 23 billion dollars. And an important element that has allowed the volume of transactions to increase and develop at an increasingly faster rate is the cryptocurrency.

Currently, many players and spectators interested in placing bets on electronic sports are using this virtual currency. On the other hand, video game stores such as Steam and portals such as Big Fish Games allow users to use gaming cryptocurrency for certain purchases.

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These coins can be used in eSports platforms to buy game cryptocurrency or to buy in the game, elements that improve the experience of each player. allows you to stay updated on the development of each of the platforms where these cryptocurrencies and their benefits can be used.

Using crypto games, gamers will not experience the limits generally associated with fiduciary currencies, with a single click they can directly buy the element of the game they want, thus being able to enjoy a more immersive, fluid and better experience. In addition, many of them are accepted in a large number of games anywhere in the world.

In ESPORTCOINS you can also earn crypto coins by registering on the website, referring to other users, inviting friends, creating or joining groups and sharing on social networks. These can then be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency that interests you.