Creating masterpieces out of wood is not an ordinary thing to do. The wood could be recreated in as many ways as possible because it is an important part of nature and is used as a raw material in almost everything in the world. The wood has been used since the beginning of time to burn it and create fire. The people in the Stone Age used wood to get heat and save themselves from the harsh and the severe temperature of the surrounding environment. The wood also used in the past for the shelter purpose just like the sawn timber (saematerjal)which is used today by the constructors.

The barks of the trees were mainly used to provide shelter because they were resistant to the heat, cold, rain and other humid temperatures of the environments. The bark of the tree is used as a jacket around the tree, which helps to keep the inner temperature of the tree maintained. This is the same reason why the bark was used by the people living in the older ages. The lining board (voodrilaud)is done by the wood of the trees to get the helpful and positive outcomes from it.

Nowadays the floorboard (P├Árandalaud) provides the same use of the wood for the insulation of the houses, buildings, offices and other workplaces to get the most out of it. The installation of the floors is an important aspect because it helps to prevent the heat in the high temperatures that are from the floor. Moreover, the floors can be used in as many ways as possible because the main aim of the floor is to be strong to withhold and withstand pressure and stress of the infrastructure as well as the furniture kept in the place.