The Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic is a cancer center located in Latvia, specifically in the tourist community of Juramala, which offers the best Integrative oncology treatment europe , always committed to the well-being of the patient and equipped with the most professional medical personnel.

In Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic give the patient personalized attention and make them feel safe, providing an effective treatment against cancer-based on virotherapy and accompanying him at all times since his admission to the clinic, which also offers the most peaceful environment.
Because some studies have shown that some cancer cells and tumors such as melanoma are resistant to chemotherapy or conventional radiation treatments, virotherapy have emerged as a helpful alternative. One of the great advantages is that it has minimal side effects; in addition, oncological viruses are very efficient to destroy tumor tissue.
By contracting any of the 3 virotherapy treatment packages of Global Virotherapy, the patient will be able to count on the complete medical service; evaluation of your case and consultation with oncologists and immunologists specialists, performing the corresponding exams, application of Riga Virus injections, nursing, and medicines. You will also be given a comfortable room and all the meals of the day. The doctors will develop a treatment plan for the patient for a minimum of 3 months.
Additionally and with the intention of minimizing the side effects that result from radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and accelerate the recovery of patients who have undergone surgery, Global Virotherapy offers a therapeutic recreation program that includes sessions of physiotherapy and psychotherapy, acupuncture, relaxation techniques of mind and body and art sessions turning it into the best Integrative oncology treatment Europe.
If you want an evaluation of your case and for free, you can fill out the application form available on Go to our website and see all the benefits that we offer.